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  • September Study 
  • Cafe Saoirse
    Cafe Saoirse  5/5 Order Here Tea €1.00 Latte €2.00 Cocaya Hot Chocolate €2.00 EILLES KAFFEE Herbal Tea €2.20
  • Promoting Positive Mental Health, Wellbeing & Recovery
    Five Ways To Wellbeing The Five Ways to Wellbeing are simple actions to practice each day to maintain or improve our mental health and wellbeing. The New Economics Foundation developed the set of evidence-based actions in 2008. The project examined research from across the world on proven actions that can help us to feel good … Read more
  • Academic Year 2022/2023
    Academic Year 2022/2023 Summer Opening Hours: July: Mon-Fri. 10.00-3.00pm August: Mon-Fri. 9.00-5.00pm Summer Preparation Courses: All information available here. Supervised Study Start date Monday 29th August 2022. All information and packages available here. Weekly Grinds Start date Monday 29th August 2022. Please confirm the start date with your grinds teacher prior to showing up. Study Skill Seminars All dates and … Read more

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