Julie Kilmartin

Kilmartin Educational Services is a Munster based educational establishment with colleges in both Ennis and Limerick. 

We are under the principal ship of Julie Kilmartin, a highly experienced teacher of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Julie graduated from Thomond College in 1989 with a First Class Honours degree. Within two years she had become principal of a private college where she worked up until 2002.

Today, through Kilmartin Educational Services, Julie offers students a wide range of educational services from individual grinds and group tuition classes to study skills seminars and more. The services on offer here are constantly evolving and expanding to meet the needs of our students.    

Julie Kilmartin’s Grind Information

Julie Kilmartin’s grinds will commence on Monday 31st August 2020.Due to Covid-19, Julie will be running her grinds in a hybrid manner. Hybrid means that students have the option to attend the class in person or to watch it live online. Prior booking is essential for both options as we have to adhere to Covid-19 Guidelines regarding social distancing within the classroom.

If for any reason a student cannot attend the class in person, they will have to option to watch it live or to get the recording of the class in which they can watch the class at a time and day that suits the student.

Fees apply for the class if absent. However, students will have the option to watch the recording so they will never miss out on the class.

Payment can be paid by:

  • Cash.- if a student is attending the class
  • Revolut – if a student is attending the class in person or if absent and/or they wish to obtain a recording of the class if unable to attend
  • If videos are streamed via Vimeo, payment will be made online prior to accessing the live class

A permission slip must be signed and returned to Kilmartin Educational Services by email at info@kes.ie. This permission slip must be returned before a student commences the class. The permission slip is for parents to acknowledge that their student’s voice/interaction in class will be recorded when the class is streaming live.

Permission Slip available here.

Julie Kilmartin’s Weekly Grind Schedule

  • Monday – Limerick
    • 5th Chemistry (H) – 5.00-6.30pm
    • 6th Chemistry (H) – 6.40-8.10pm
  • Tuesday – Ennis
    • 5th Chemistry (H) – 4.30-6.00pm
    • 6th Chemistry (H) – 6.05-7.35pm
    • 6th Physics (H) – 7.40-8.40pm
  • Wednesday – Ennis
    • 6th Chemistry (H) – 4.30-6.00pm
    • 5th Chemistry (H) – 6.05-7.35pm
    • 5th Physics (H) – 7.40-8.40pm
  • Thursday – Limerick
    • 5th Chemistry (H) – 5.00-6.30pm
    • 6th Chemistry (H) – 6.40-8.10pm
  • Friday – Limerick
    • 5th Physics (H) – 5.00-6.30pm
    • 6th Physics (H) –  6.40-8.10pm
  • Saturday – Limerick
    • 6th Physics (H) – 9.00-10.15pm
    • 6th Chemistry (H) – 10.20-11.50am
    • 6th Chemistry (H) – 12.00-1.30pm 
    • 5th Chemistry (H) – 1.45-3.15pm    
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